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Mission - Jeet

What is Mission 'Jeet'?

Through our flagship programme, Mission 'Jeet', the foundation provides a canopy along with a certain amount of free sanitary pads to the women in remote villages. They then sell these sanitary pads to other women at subsidized rates. This results in multiple benefits. Firstly, the women from lower-income groups in these villages get sanitary pads at very low prices and are encouraged to use them and maintain menstrual hygiene. Furthermore, this model also creates sustainable employment opportunities for women running these counters.


Join us in our mission to support 1000 women

jeet stall image

How it works?

You can be a part of this initiative and support us in our mission to sustainable income source for less privileged women from remote regions. You can sponsor one more 'women hygiene corner' . Each unit creates employment for a women which in turns make them self reliant. The initiative also helps countless women to get sanitary pads at very affordable rates and thus protect them from innumerable women health issues.

What do we provide? 



A branded canopy is provided which is provides shelter and is identifiable.


We provide a set of table and chair to facilitate comfort and display the items

Sanitary pads

Sanitary pad inventory which is enough to kickstart and generate income 

Sponsor a Stall

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