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Aldaa Foundation Organizes Workshop on Menstrual Awareness and Cervical Cancer at D.R.V Inter College, Lucknow

On December 2, 2023, the Aldaa Foundation took a significant step by organizing a workshop on menstrual awareness and cervical cancer at the D.R.V Inter College in Lucknow. Additionally, a sanitary pad vending machine was installed for the benefit of students, ensuring a hassle-free and hygienic experience during menstruation.

In the workshop, Dr. Puja Shahin from the Aldaa Foundation provided detailed information about cervical cancer and menstruation. The coordinator, Manisha Tiwari, represented the organization, and approximately 70 to 80 students from D.R.V Inter College actively participated. The workshop was attended by teachers, and the principal, Dr. Alka Verma, was also present.

Dr. Puja Shahin imparted crucial knowledge about cervical cancer and menstrual health, educating students on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The workshop aimed to raise awareness about the importance of a healthy lifestyle, especially during menstruation, and eliminate any stigma associated with it.

Speaking about the initiative, Manisha Tiwari stated, "Through this workshop, we aim to educate students about the necessity of a healthy lifestyle. Menstruation is a crucial process for women, and we want to ensure that there are no obstacles in this natural process."

Around 70 to 80 students from D.R.V Inter College actively participated in the workshop. In addition, the school's principal, Dr. Alka Verma, and other teachers were present, providing encouragement and support to the students.

This workshop not only focused on promoting women's health and hygiene but also aimed to empower women with accurate information and support. The mission of the Aldaa Foundation in this campaign is to create awareness and empower women in society regarding their health. The installation of a sanitary pad vending machine further contributes to ensuring a clean and accessible environment for female students during menstruation.

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