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Celebrating Mother’s Day with Emaar Ladies Club and Aldaa Foundation

On May 12, 2024, Emaar Ladies Club, in association with Aldaa Foundation, hosted a heartwarming and educational event to celebrate Mother’s Day. The celebration was not only a tribute to mothers but also a significant awareness session on cervical cancer, emphasizing the importance of women's health.

Honoring Mothers and Raising Awareness

The event kicked off at 5 PM at the Emaar Club House, Emaar Gomti Greens, Lucknow. It began with a warm welcome to all attendees, followed by an insightful health talk focusing on cervical cancer awareness. The session aimed to educate and empower women to prioritize their health and well-being.

Fun and Creativity with a Drawing Competition

The celebration included a vibrant drawing competition with exciting prizes sponsored by Aldaa Foundation. Participants were divided into two categories:

  • Children: Young artists showcased their creativity with beautiful drawings centered around the themes of Mother’s Day and women's health.

  • Adults: Talented adults also participated, presenting their artistic interpretations of the event's themes.

Participants brought their pre-prepared drawings from home, which added a personal touch to the competition. The creativity and effort put into each piece were truly inspiring.

A Day of Joy and Learning

The event was a perfect blend of fun, education, and celebration. Attendees enjoyed the health talk, learned valuable information, and participated in the lively atmosphere filled with joy and excitement.

Special Thanks

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all participants, attendees, and the organizers who made this event a grand success. A special thank you to Aldaa Foundation for their generous sponsorship and support.

Let's continue to prioritize our health and celebrate the incredible mothers who enrich our lives every day.

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