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Atal Health Fair: Aldaa Foundation's Significant Step in Cervical Cancer Awareness

Lucknow, December 17-18, 2023: The Indian government organized the well-known 'Atal Health Fair' in Lucknow from December 17 to 18. In this crucial event, the Aldaa Foundation played a pivotal role by conducting an awareness program and workshop on cervical cancer. Honorable Minister Shri Neeraj Singh participated in a discussion, advocating for a free camp against cervical cancer, which was well-received and supported by the government.

Aldaa Foundation's Contribution:

Under the umbrella of this health fair, the Aldaa Foundation made its mark in health awareness. They organized a special program and workshop on critical issues related to health services.

Participation of Minister Shri Neeraj Singh:

Honorable Minister Shri Neeraj Singh also engaged in a dialogue during this remarkable occasion and advocated for a free camp against cervical cancer. He shared that through this camp, people will benefit from free health services, and the government approved and supported this proposal.

A Medium for Prosperity:

Along with spreading awareness in the health sector, this program by the Aldaa Foundation is also a significant step towards prosperity. The fair is playing an important role in inspiring people towards a healthy lifestyle.


The Atal Health Fair has taken another step towards a empowered and healthy society. The Aldaa Foundation's program on cervical cancer awareness is a significant initiative towards positive change, and it will benefit people with free health services.

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