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Yoga and Cleanliness: Aldaa Foundation's Awareness Program on Cervical Cancer and Menstrual Hygiene

December 8, 2023: Taking another significant step in their social upliftment endeavors, the Aldaa Foundation organized an awareness program on cervical cancer and menstrual hygiene on December 8. In this event, Yoga Guru Ashish Yogi shared detailed information on the benefits of yoga and how it can be practiced during menstruation.

The Significance of Yoga: Yoga is not only beneficial for physical health but also contributes to mental and spiritual well-being. Yoga Guru Ashish Yogi explained that practicing yoga improves health, helps reduce stress, enhances mental well-being, and increases physical fitness.

Cervical Cancer and Menstrual Hygiene: In addition to yoga, the program highlighted crucial topics such as cervical cancer and menstrual hygiene. The Aldaa Foundation installed a sanitary pad vending machine for students, ensuring cleanliness and hygiene during menstruation.

The Message of Cleanliness: Through this program, Aldaa Foundation has taken a crucial step towards building a clean, healthy, and aware society. The objective is to guide students in the right direction by discussing the aspects of yoga and cleanliness.

This initiative by the Aldaa Foundation inspires us all to move towards a healthy, informed, and positive society. The installation of the sanitary pad vending machine is another step in supporting students, ensuring that women can feel safer and maintain cleanliness during menstruation.

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