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Welcome School Groups to ALDAA FOUNDATION Educational Tours

At ALDAA FOUNDATION we're excited to offer an enriching educational experience designed exclusively for schools. Our farm tours provide an engaging and immersive way for students to connect with agriculture, sustainability, and the wonders of the natural world.

Igniting Curiosity and Learning

Our school farm tours are more than just a visit; they're an opportunity for students to explore, discover, and learn. We've carefully crafted an educational journey that aligns with school curriculums, making it an ideal field trip destination for teachers and students alike.

What Awaits Your Students

From interactive workshops that delve into the science of farming to hands-on experiences that bring agriculture to life, our farm tours captivate young minds. Students will witness the farm-to-table process, gain insight into sustainable practices, and develop a deeper appreciation for the environment.

Safety and Learning Combined

Safety is our priority. Our knowledgeable guides and educators ensure that every moment on our farm is both safe and educational. We provide a structured yet enjoyable environment for students to ask questions, engage with the farm, and create lasting memories.

Tailored to Your Needs

We understand that every school group is unique. That's why we offer flexible tour options, catering to various grade levels, interests, and time constraints. Let us customize your visit to suit your educational goals.

Customize Your School Farm Tour

At ALDAA Foundation Organic Farms, we understand that each school group has unique educational objectives and interests. That's why we offer you the flexibility to design a tailored farm tour that perfectly suits your students' needs.

Kids in Vegetable Farm

Choose from a Variety of Engaging Activities

Our farm boasts a diverse range of activities designed to educate, inspire, and entertain. Select from interactive workshops on gardening, animal care, sustainable practices, and more. With hands-on experiences and educational opportunities aplenty, you can curate the ideal itinerary for your students.

Family Gardening

Expert Guidance

Our team of experienced educators and guides is here to assist you in creating a meaningful and impactful farm tour. We'll work closely with your school to ensure that your chosen activities are not only educational but also enjoyable for your students.


Align with Your Curriculum

Whether you're looking to complement classroom learning, explore specific topics, or simply provide a memorable day out, our farm activities can be aligned with your curriculum goals and educational standards.

Roman Numeral Clock

Flexible Scheduling

We know that time is precious. You can select the activities that fit within your schedule, whether you have a few hours or a full day to spend on the farm.

Interactive hands-on activities

Choose workshops that align with your farm's resources and the interests of the students. Interactive activities help students engage with the subject matter and create memorable learning experiences.

Farm Marketing and Sales Workshop
Worm Farming and Vermicomposting
Soil Testing and Analysis
Farm-to-Plate Cooking Class
Farm Safety and First Aid Training
Butter-Making Workshop
Farm Games and Challenges
Seed Saving Workshop
Herb and Medicinal Plant Workshop
Farm Equipment and Tools Display
Beekeeping and Pollinators Workshop
Bird Watching and Ornithology Workshop
Farm Animal Care and Interaction
Farm Crafts Workshop

Book Your School Farm Tour

Give your students an unforgettable learning experience they'll cherish. Book a school farm tour at ALDAA FOUNDATION ORGANIC FARMS and watch young minds bloom with curiosity and appreciation for the world of agriculture.Join us in nurturing the next generation of informed, environmentally-conscious citizens.

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