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Empowering Women's Health

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Installation of Sanitary Pad Vending Machine at Madarsa Jamiya Ayesha Libanat

Access to menstrual hygiene products has long been a critical challenge, especially in underprivileged communities, aligning with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 3 - Good Health and Well-being. In an encouraging step towards addressing this concern, the Hindustan Petroleum Shakti Club has generously donated a sanitary pad vending machine to Madarsa Jamiya Ayesha Libanat(26.871239, 81.035910).This initiative not only addresses SDG 3 but also contributes to achieving SDG 5 - Gender Equality, by providing easy and dignified access to sanitary pads for the 75 women within the madrasa, contributing significantly to their overall well-being and empowerment.

Menstrual hygiene plays a pivotal role in a woman's health and quality of life. Many women, particularly in less privileged settings, face barriers to obtaining sanitary products, which can lead to unhygienic practices during menstruation, thus impacting their health and dignity. Poor menstrual hygiene not only causes discomfort but can also lead to serious health issues. One such concern is the potential link between inadequate menstrual hygiene and cervical cancer.

Cervical cancer is a significant public health concern worldwide, and its prevention involves multiple factors, one of which is maintaining proper menstrual hygiene. Unsanitary practices, such as using unclean materials during menstruation, can increase the risk of infections. Chronic infections, primarily those related to Human Papillomavirus (HPV), have been identified as a leading cause of cervical cancer. By addressing menstrual hygiene, we take a crucial step towards reducing the preventable factors contributing to cervical cancer.

In alignment with these principles, the Alda Foundation has been at the forefront of raising awareness about cervical cancer and promoting healthy behavior change within communities, contributing to SDG 3 and SDG 5.Our dedication is not limited to just providing sanitary pad vending machines and pads, but also extends to conducting workshops on cervical cancer awareness and Behavior Change Communication (BCC). Through these workshops, we educate women about the importance of early detection, regular screenings, and adopting healthier practices to mitigate the risk of cervical cancer. The foundation's efforts align with SDG 3 by ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being for all at all ages.

The tagline "Hygiene for Every Woman" encapsulates the essence of this initiative, further supporting SDG 5's aim of achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls. By installing the sanitary pad vending machine at Madarsa Jamiya Ayesha Libanat, the Hindustan Petroleum Shakti Club, in collaboration with the Alda Foundation, is not only ensuring access to essential menstrual hygiene products but is also fostering an environment of health, dignity, and empowerment for these 75 women. This step is a testament to the positive impact that collaborative efforts between private entities and non-profit organizations can have on communities, especially when it comes to the health, well-being, and gender equality of women. As the saying goes, "अगर आप कुछ नहीं बदलेंगे तो कुछ नहीं बदलेगा" highlighting the crucial role of awareness and behavior change in creating lasting improvements in women's health.

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